The Alternative Guide to Removing Tree Stumps

tree stumpMost probably the only way to get rid of stumps is by either digging them up or chopping them off. People prefer using the stump grinder as it requires less labor and better work is done, but hiring professionals and the machinery is expensive but advisable and should be the preferred option however if you’re looking for the alternative then here goes. Every method I come across on the internet is either by burning, digging, chopping, grinding, etc. Let me introduce you to various ways through which you can get the stump removed in no time without involving any of the above.


  • By Decomposing using Tree Stump Remover:
    Tree stump remover is a biodegradable formula used to decompose the tree stumps for easy removal or burning and require absolutely no digging and chopping. You don’t need to spend so much cost on the machinery or professional. Instead, you can buy a stump remover online and apply it yourself. They have no odor and contain 100 natural ingredients but still you better wear the safety goggles, mask, and gloves.
  • By Decomposing using Epsom Salt:
    Epsom Salt works like magic. All you need to do is make small holes in the stump using a drill and fill them with 100% pure Epsom salt followed by some water to make it reach the bottom. Live stumps might take a long time to decay and decompose, but dead tree stumps rot quickly. It is a time taking process but also inexpensive, easy and something you can do without the help of a professional.
  • Removing using slow burn charcoal session
    This method was inspired by the ancient crafts of charcoal making. All you need to do is to lower the oxygen supply when the fire is built up. Hence take any metal cylinder, place on the stump, shovel hot embers from around the stump and place on the top of it after lighting up the fire. Cover the top with damp leaves and seal it with moist soil. Leave it for a couple of days and after that, you will see the stump leveled to the ground and what remains was charcoal.
  • By using Herbicides
    The well-known method of removing a stump is by using herbicides. They include triclopyr or glyphosate which enters the roots, slowly killing the system and preventing re-growth.

Each kind of process requires certain safety measures to be followed. Since the stump remover solutions contain strong chemicals, hence you better wear gloves, goggles, long pants, and protective shield. Keep the children away while the chemical is applied on stumps. Some removers emit certain fumes which are dangerous.  A little contact with them can cause serious problems. Stay Safe.  Remember the knock-on effect using chemicals in your garden will have the both your garden and the environment.

For more information on the above and to get a quote on tree stump removal or any tree services check your local professionals at least give you a price before you attempt to implement some innovative ideas such as the ones outlined above.  Think about the time and safety involved along with the environmental impact, weigh this up against the quote given before starting.  Remember we do not recommend any of the above ideas other than using qualified professionals.