Impact Windows And The Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

peoriaorchidsociety-windowWhat are double glazed windows or doors?

Windows and doors that have double glazing are manufactured to reduce the amount of temperature loss and to also minimize outside noise from entering your home. This is done by having two different pieces of glass that are parallel to each other, but that has a small gap in the middle that is typically filled with some inert gas or air.

Why should homeowners choose double glazing for their windows and doors?

Double glazing is nothing new, these types of impact windows and doors have been on the market for some time now. If you are a homeowner that does not currently have double glazed windows installed in your house, then, here are some interesting benefits that will convince you to invest in them, outside of them being cost effective and environmentally friendly glass options.

Energy is efficient – Just like your favorite home devices, this windows are efficient. Temperature will escape from inside a home, most commonly through windows and doors, but not if they have double glazing, as double glazing provides insulation to trap the desired temperature inside your home. So your home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months.

Weather Resistant – These PVC-U doors and windows will protect you and your family from hurricanes, salty air, and substantial rain.

Say Goodbye to condensation – there is no condensation on these windows because they are thermally insulated with a gap of air or gas in the middle of each pane of glass so that you will have clear windows all year long.

Noise reductions – if outside noise is a concern for you, then you will love these windows and doors as they can keep out about 70 percent of outside noise such as loud parties next door, the annoying dog that barks and traffic noises.

Ultraviolet Protection – double glazing provides protections for your furnishings so that they won’t fade, as they prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Also, these doors and windows will not corrode, warp or rot, so they are essentially maintenance free, they also provide security as they have state of the art locking systems, and they are impact resistant. Last but not least they can increase the value of your home.