Practical Microwave Repair Problems And Microwave Servicing Tips

Nowadays, people seem far more willing to run out to the store and buy a new appliance rather than have their existing household goods repaired. This can become a costly exercise and some simple appliance repair tips can provide you with a much better time and hassle saving option for your microwave at home:


  1. Prevent – To prevent unnecessary microwave repair, always make sure that your appliance is cleaned regularly and well-maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s care instructions in your owner’s manual. Just like your car, some of your larger appliances in your home may require a regular appliance service so make sure these are performed when necessary.
  2. Troubleshoot – Your owner’s manual should also provide you with a troubleshooting section. This is to help you identify and resolve simple issues without the assistance of a microwave service technician. In fact, if you call the manufacturer for a repair, they will often first ask if you read the troubleshooting tips. If you haven’t, they may go through these on the phone with you to help solve the problem.
  3. Check Your Connections – The first step in resolving any microwave oven appliance issues is to check whether there is power to the unit. Is the main power supply on and is the wall socket switched on? If there is still no power, check the plug for loose wires as well as the power cable for any damage.

If you have followed these steps and the problem persists, call the manufacturer to send out a qualified appliance repair technician to help you.

Know that your microwave can be more prone to damage if exposed to high temperatures or water. Make sure that they are stored in a dry place in the kitchen. It is also advisable to unplug the machine when not in use to save more energy and as a precautionary measure to keep your house from fire.